My name is Kelly. I have been given several nicknames over the years, including but not limited to: Baby Bear, Silver Lining, Babyshakes, Smelly Smozarth, and Kelly "Throws Dem" Boz-arth. I get a lot of questions about where my last name is from, and through copious amounts of internet research, I've discovered that the origin is French-German, and it roughly translates as, v. to worry; to over think insignificant matters to the point of crippling anxiety.


I like dinosaurs, vanity plates, and Smartfood popcorn.



My dog's name is Pepper Jack Donaghy, and he goes by Jack (but also Puppy Bear, Poopface, Jackie, etc.) He is a rescue Catahoula-German Shepherd mix from the Atlanta Humane Society. He is the softest dog I've ever met, and he likes iceberg lettuce, government cheese, and putting things on his head.


We live in Charleston, South Carolina.

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